At Tomcare Resources, we hold that human resource is the most important asset of the company. We believe that the synergy derived from the combined efforts of everybody in the company would not only enable us to overcome challenges, solve problems but also enjoy business opportunities and possibilities together as a team.

In line with our corporate values, we have set the following human resource development goals for our people:-

  • Valuing, supporting and sustaining a diverse multi-cultural workforce;
  • Continually improving individual and organizational effectiveness;
  • Anticipating and meeting the changing needs of the social environment;
  • Championing career and professional growth of individuals;
  • Creating and enhancing expertise through strategic partnerships with external parties; and
  • Enhancing services through technology acquisition or knowledge transfer.

Ultimately, the aim is to provide a healthy, safe and productive work environment for everyone in Tomcare Resources to remain motivated in order to maximize individual and organizational growth and contributions to bring the company to the next level of progress. In Tomcare, we want to have a cutting edge in flexibility.

Felts, Foams & Sponges


  • Door trims
  • Pillars
  • Car boots
  • Dashboard                  
  • Sunvisors
  • Carpets
  • Seats, etc.


  • Front Bumper Spoilers
  • Rear Bumper Spoilers
  • Side Skirt Spoilers
  • Trunk Spoilers

No vacancy available at the moment.

  • Ceiling boards        
  • Walls
  • Floor carpets
  • Air-conditioners


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